Carl Rogers: A Daughter's Tribute
by Carl Rogers
A treasure trove of archival resources on this immensely influential psychologist, psychotherapist  and researcher.

Please Note: This is available as a CD-ROM, not as a DVD.
This CD-ROM is an intimate view of the life and works of Carl Rogers, one of the most important thinkers, influential psychologists and peace activists of the 20th century.

This rich archive of his life and work contains:
  • 16 excerpts from Carl Roger's books
  • Award-winning vintage video footage of Carl Roger's spanning from childhood through the last years of his life, including excerpts from actual therapy sessions.
  • A biography of Carl Rogers narrated by his daughter, Natalie Rogers
  • Over 120 photographs of Carl Rogers spanning his lifetime
  • An extensive bibliography

What therapists are saying…

"Simply put, it is an essential resource for psychology students, teachers, libraries, universities, professionals, and historians."

— Maureen O'Hara, Ph.D., President, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center

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Carl Rogers (1902–1987) is one of the most influential psychologists in American history. His contributions are outstanding in the fields of education, counseling, psychotherapy, peace, and conflict resolution. A founder of humanistic psychology, he has profoundly influenced the world through his empathic presence, his rigorous research, his authorship of sixteen books and more than 200 professional articles. His best known books are: On Becoming a Person, Client Centered Therapy, Freedom to Learn, A way of Being, Carl Rogers on Personal Power, and Becoming Partners: Marriage and Its Alternatives.

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